Wagner Festival 2019



This is how your festival day in the Bischofsgrün could look like...


After getting up, you should first the fantastic view from our room over Bischofsgrün (700m) and the Ochsenkopf (1024 m) enjoy. How about with a few laps in the pool before going on our sun terrace varied breakfast. You do not have time to performance? We recommend a walk or a hike in fantastic nature and the fresh air that surrounds our hotel.
Next brings then of course our transfer service performed to the Festspielhaus Bayreuth (about 25 minutes). Your / e travel partners / in not accompanied to the festival or the day is backlash? Then you should also take our cosmetics salon to complete, or spend relaxing moments in the Finnish sauna.
Back again, we have of course a table reserved for you, so that you can experience all the delights of our cuisine also during the evening. Then he comes to a close on: a hard Gameday at Schreiner family in 4-star hotel Hotel Kaiseralm.


Your benefits:

  • transfer service to the Wagner Festival 

  • After the Wagner Opera we serve specialties 

  • Living in the countryside

  • Hiking trails start directly at the hotel

  • family-run hotel



Programs 2019

artistic direction: Katharina Wagner

Künstlerische Gesamtleitung: Katharina Wagner


Donnerstag 25. Juli Tannhäuser
Freitag 26. Juli Lohengrin
Samstag 27. Juli Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Sonntag 28. Juli Tannhäuser
Montag 29. Juli Lohengrin
Dienstag 30. Juli Parsifal
Mittwoch 31. Juli Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Donnerstag 01. August Tristan und Isolde
Freitag 02. August Parsifal
Samstag 03. August Lohengrin
Montag 05. August Parsifal
Dienstag 06. August Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Mittwoch 07. August Lohengrin
Freitag 09. August Tristan und Isolde
Samstag 10. August Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Sonntag 11. August Lohengrin
Dienstag 13. August Tannhäuser
Mittwoch 14. August Lohengrin
Donnerstag 15. August Parsifal
Freitag 16. August Tristan und Isolde
Samstag 17. August Tannhäuser
Sonntag 18. August Lohengrin
Montag 19. August Parsifal
Dienstag 20. August Tristan und Isolde
Mittwoch 21. August Tannhäuser
Donnerstag 22. August Parsifal
Freitag 23. August Tristan und Isolde
Samstag 24. August Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Sonntag 25. August Tannhäuser
Montag 26. August Parsifal
Dienstag 27. August Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Mitwoch 28. August Tristan und Isolde

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For more information about the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth can be found on the official website of the festival: www.festspiele-bayreuth.de

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