Wagner Festival 2021

Old sheet music with antique opera glasses

The 2021 Festival in Bayreuth will take place. Although somewhat different from usual and certainly on a smaller scale, we hope that it will stay that way. Events like the Bayreuth Festival and the Luisenburg Festival in Wunsiedel are cultural highlights in our region. For more information, visit the official Wagner Festival website www.bayreuther-festspiele.de

Wagner Festival Theatre Bayreuth

The Hotel Kaiseralm in Bischofsgrün is an ideal location in the countryside for your stay during the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape - an ideal situation to prepare for performances in Bayreuth and to let your soul "dangle" once ...

Due to the Corona pandemic, however, we will certainly have to accept restrictions. Therefore, we will exceptionally not be able to offer the well-tried and comfortable transfer from the hotel to Bayreuth this year. However, the parking situation should be more relaxed in the context of the lower number of visitors, so that a parking space can certainly be found. We will be happy to organise a taxi for you if you wish. 

However, you don't have to do without small and large delicacies from our Kaiseralm kitchen. If you order in advance, we will be happy to serve you these in our Stüberl after the performance.

If you have any questions, please call us on +49 (0)9276-800 - our staff will be happy to provide you with information and make your reservation.

We look forward to your visit!

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