Franconian pig shoulder

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"Schäufala" with dumplings and sauerkraut

"Schäufala" is the sliced ​​pork shoulder with bone - a typical Franconian specialty.

Ingredients for 4 persons:

  • 4 scale (let your butcher cut the scale into a third cut, which means you get three pieces cut from the pork shoulder - this is the typical and optimal size of the scale)
  • 60 g of diced carrots
  • 60 g of diced celery
  • 60g diced onions
  • 40 g cut leeks • whole caraway
  • 1 l of roast base sauce or vegetable broth
  • 0.5 - 0.75 l of country beer
  • salt, pepper and sugar
  • 8 dumplings
  • 4 servings of sauerkraut


Rinse the "Schäufala" with cold water and pat dry afterwards. The rind should be cut crosswise with a sharp knife. Season with pepper, salt and cumin and sauté from all sides.
Then the pork shoulder pieces are removed from the roasting pan and the vegetables are vigorously fried with color. The leek is added only at the end and should be seared for a very short time, otherwise it will be bitter.
Then the vegetables are quenched with the country beer. One third of the beer should be picked up for the completion of the sauce.

We recommend Landbier for the preparation, as this beer is not as bitter as e.g. a pilsner. This creates a pleasant beer taste. Then pour the sauce with the roast base sauce or the vegetable broth and put the Schäufala back into the roasting pan. Now the roaster comes in the preheated tube and is cooked at 160 ° C for about two hours.

The cooking time depends on the size of the Schäufala. It should be easy for the meat to detach from the bone. Furthermore, the roasting pan must be covered with a lid or aluminum foil after about half an hour, so that the rind does not burn. The crust is fried crispy only in the last half hour of cooking. Here you can brush the crust with the beer over and over again - that gives a nice crunchy rind.

If you take the Schäufala when crusting out of the sauce, she should pack this with aluminum foil, so that only the rind looks out and thus the meat remains nicely juicy.

In the meantime, the sauce is passed and seasoned with pepper, salt and the rest of the beer. If necessary, you can also add some sugar for refining. We recommend sweeping the vegetables from the sauce top through the sieve to give extra flavor and some binding to the sauce. If you want, you can tie the sauce a bit. The typical sauce for this is almost unbound and clear.


In the meantime, the dumplings are cooked and the sauerkraut is finished heating. If the "Schäufala" has a crunchy rind and the meat falls off the bone, the dish should be served quickly and served hot on the table.


We hope you enjoy cooking and a good appetite!

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