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Jonas Thiel

Jonas successfully completed his training as a physiotherapist at the Bad Elster Medical College in 2018. Subsequently, he first completed further training in manual therapy, and subsequently also started osteopathy in 2021. In the fall of 2021 he fulfilled his dream of his own private practice.

Jonas is self-employed and can be booked directly. He will come to our hotel and pamper you with the different massages according to his offer. Call him and make an appointment. Phone: 0176-56616279

Treatments also take place at our hotel! 
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Enjoy soothing treatments in a relaxed atmosphere. An experience for the senses and relaxation for the body, mind & soul.

Preventive massage and treatment:

  • 90 min. 105,00 €
  • 60 min. 70,00 €
  • 30 min. 35,00 €

Make an appointment now with physiotherapist Jonas for a massage. These are possible from Monday to Sunday between 8:00 - 20:00 by appointment.

Phone: 0176-56616279

We wish you much pleasure and relaxation!


Aroma Touch Massage 01

Aroma Toch application

Relaxation for body, mind and soul. The Aroma Touch® Technique is an extremely effective method that relaxes the body on a holistic level. 8 different dõTERRA CPTG® certified oils are applied in a specific order to the energy zones of the back and feet and gently worked in. The oils are highly effective on a mental and physical level, balancing stress and helping to cleanse and regenerate the cells.

  • 60 minutes ......... 85,00 €

Appointment by appointment - Jonas Thiel / Phone: 0176-56616279

Private practice for physiotherapy - treatments also take place at our hotel

Privatpraxis für Physiotherapie

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